Kerri Holden

Holistic & Massage Therapist

Kerri is the owner and founder of K Therapies and is passionate about massage as a way of dealing with stress.

She specialises in Stress Release packages that include her unique mix of breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and soothing massage.

Read more about Kerri and her story below.

About Me

Prior to a breakdown in 2017, I had spent 20+ years working in finance, with all the pressures and deadlines that entails.  I decided to retrain as a beauty therapist and quickly discovered I have a passion for massage and I have a natural gift for it.

My mission is to help the many people who find themselves in the same or similar situation I was in;

stressed, exhausted, not sleeping well and generally not taking the time to look after themselves. 

During the year between my breakdown to having my own salon, I came to realise what a big part of our lives stress has become.  It is a growing epidemic and far too many people are suffering from the physical, emotional and mental effects of stress & anxiety.
I meet many people who are like I used to be, and not making time for themselves or their self-care.  

I believe that needs to change.
As a nation we need to recognise that our lifestyles have changed so much over the last few decades, technology is available 24/7 and we are not letting our bodies and brains rest and adjust.

 My Passion

Most people think of massage as a treat or an opportunity to pamper themselves.
My passion is to help educate people that it is actually a very effective method of stress relief, as well as having many other benefits, and should be an essential part of your self-care programme.

I found it so effective in helping me that I am committed to helping others and delivering the best service possible, so that massage becomes a part of your lifestyle as much as exercise and eating well.


Benefits of massage include helping you sleep better, increase concentration levels, reduce muscle tension, improve mental alertness, relieve sore muscles after physical exercise, improve your mood, relieve tension headaches and ease anxiety.

Relaxation Classes

In modern day life, we are surrounded by stress and have little or no time for relaxation. K Therapies aim to help as many people as possible to change this and look after ourselves as a whole; our mind, body, emotions and spirit. 


Professional nails, using top quality CND products, by an CND trained professional

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